Youth Reactions to Project

The young people were sensitive and well-informed interviewers, enthused by learning first-hand about black people’s contribution to recent history. They appreciated how the armed forces offered opportunities for men and women to travel the world, improve education opportunities and learn a trade. Read more…

Veterans Reflections

The veterans joined the armed forces for many reasons, often to travel and to learn a trade or profession. While there were often challenges while serving and in civilian life, there were rarely any regrets about signing up. They shared many of their adventures with us, from trekking through the jungle in Borneo to surviving extreme weather and landmines in the Falklands to running from bombs in Guildford. Read more…

Speaking Out and Standing Firm

This is an exciting and innovative programme developed by Every Generation in partnership with Haringey Library Services. The project facilitated intergenerational workshops where young people from Haringey   interviewed war veterans and ex service men and women from World War 2 and modern day peace keeping and international conflicts. It is inspired by the successful documentary ‘A Charmed Life’ on the life of Eddie Martin Noble who volunteered with the RAF during WW2. Eddie wrote his memoirs called Jamaican Airman in 1984.