Film Promos

Film Production and Research
Patrick Vernon Producer and Co Director
Every Generation Media
Ros Gihan William, Director Infactuation Film Production

Project Management
Selma Ibrahim- Social Inclusion Officer, Haringey Library Services
Patrick Vernon – Director Every Generation Media

Mrs Esther Armagon (served in British Army during WW2 from Jamaica)
Mrs Norma Best (served in British Army during WW2 from Belize formerly British Honduras)
Mr Errol Clarke (served in Royal Air Force in Germany and Gulf War. Born in Britain)
Mr Bill Guy (served in US Navy from Guyana)
Mr Steeve Muteedzi (served in British Army during Bosnia and Iraq conflicts from Zimbabwe)
Mr Vince Mcbean (served in British Army served during Northern Ireland and is the current Chair West Indian Ex Service Men and Women Association)
Mr Chester Pinder (served in British Army in Cyprus, Kenya and Borneo from Barbados)
Mr Sheik Thompson (served for US Army from Jamaica)

The young people
Pupils from Alexandra Park Secondary School and Marcus Garvey Library Teenage Reading Group

Alexandra Park School:
Joseph Sucdao
Daniel Osei
Christopher Aderotoye
Christina Tsangars
Godfrey Miller
Anna Burn Burgess
Cleo Griffiths-Stennett
Jessica Jackson-Virik
Rebecca Schofield
Lucie Bardowell
Marcus Garvey Library Teenage Reading Group:
Deko Aden
Duane Uba

Member of Haringey Libraries:
Elisabete Fortes