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Details and trailer of ‘A Charmed Life’, a tribute to Eddie Martin Noble who served in the RAF during

Article on Eddie Noble and The Charmed Life Campaign
Guardian article on Jamaican ex-serviceman Eddie Martin Noble 

Article on Remembrance Sunday and the black war contribution

Article on Windrush Day Campaign for a public holiday
Bank Holiday Celebrate Windrush Generation

Petition for Windrush Day
Charmed Life Campaign Petition

General article on Black contribution to World Wars
Military Feature

Liberation of Paris on 25 August 1944 was seen as a “whites only” victory
BBC News Article

Black Soldiers are targeted in Iraq

Commonwealth soldiers form a trade union
 BBC News Article

Johnson Beharry the first black solider to receive a Victoria Cross -Johnson Beharry

Lance Sergeant Dale Alanzo McCallum killed in Afghanistan August 2010

Mary Seacole – Mary Seacole

Connie Marks

Recognition for African American women during WW2

Ex-servicewomen discriminated on the ground of race and sex discrimination by the army

‘War to Windrush’ Teachers Pack to support the Exhibition (June 2008 to April 2010)

Journey of Change Project developed by the Imperial War Museum in supporting children of Caribbean heritage to learn about the Caribbean contribution during WW1and WW2
Journey of Change

Oral history of war veterans which features a number of Caribbean veterans

Walter Tull the first black army officer in WW1 – Walter Tull
History of Walter Tull – Racism in Football 1909

Oxfam resource on world conflicts for young people

Black Loyalists, 18th Century African soldiers fighting for the British in the US Revolutionary War – Black Loyalist

Tony Warner organisers film screening and walks on the black war contribution

S. I. Martin writer and historian delivers walks and lectures on black seamen and the black contribution to the armed forces

War memorial in Reims to the African soldiers – Monument to the Black Army of Reims

Contribution of African soldiers

Africans in World War II – a documentary by Barima Adu-Asamoa
Barima Adu-Asamoa

African Soldiers in the French Army
African Soldiers in World War One

Africa’s forgotten war time heroes in Burma

Germany’s battles in Africa during WW1

The remains of South Africa soldiers from WW1 returns back home
WWI Black Soldiers Return

Records and information of the King’s African Rifles
Kings African Rifles

Royal West African Frontier Force and West African Infantry and World War II
Royal West African Frontier Force – West Arica – West Africa Infantry Brigade

Caribbean contribution to WW1

Tracing military records of West Indians

Veterans from the Caribbean who served in the RAF during WW2. The site was founded by the late Cy Grant, a Haringey resident.

Kurt Barling from the BBC interviewing a family back in 2009 who discovered a grave of their ancestor from St Lucia buried in Seaford in Sussex who was part of The West Indies Regiment during WW1
West Indies Regiment

Article covering the British West Indies Regiment and the Mutiny at Taranto after the war finished in Jamaica
Jamaica Gleaner

George Blackman, from Jamaica, who was interviewed in 2002 at the age of 107 about his experiences fighting in the First World War
George Blackman

Eugent Clarke, the oldest known World War I veteran in Jamaica who met the Queen at the age of 108 back in 2002
Eugent Clarke

Records on Caribbean personnel

‘A white man’s war? World War I and the West Indies’

A. Haywood and F.A.S Clarke (1964) The History of the Royal West African

Frontier Force Gale & Polden

Andrea Levy (2004) Small Island Headline

Angelina Osborne and Arthur Torrington (2005) We served: the untold story of the West Indian contributions to World II Krik Krak Publishing

Arthur E. Barbeau & Florence Henri (1996) The Unknown Soldiers- African America Troops in World War I Da Capo Press

Brian Dyde (1998) The Empty Sleeve: The Story of the West India Regiments of the British Army Hansib

Christopher Somerville (1998) Our War – How the British Commonwealth Fought the Second World War Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Cy Grant (2007) A Member of the Royal Air Force of Indeterrminate Race Woodfield Publishing

Eddie Martin Noble (1984), A Jamaican Airman New Beacon Books

Erica Myers-Davis (2009) Under One Flag Get Publishing

Glenford Howe (2002) Race, War and Nationalism – A Social History of West Indians in the First World War Ian Randle Publishers

Humphrey Metzgen and John Graham (2007) Caribbean Wars Untold – A Salute to the British West Indies University of West Indies Press

J. Todd Moye (2010) Freedom Flyers – The Tuskegee Airmen of World War II OUP

Jane Robinson (2006) Mary Seacole: The Charismatic Black Nurse Who Became a Heroine of the Crimea Robinson Publishing

Kirk Savage (1999) Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves – Race, War and Monuments in Nineteenth-Century America Princetown University Press

Marika Sherwood with Martin Spafford (1999) Whose Freedom were Africans, Caribbeans and Indians Fighting for in World II? Savannah Press/BASA

R. N. Buckley (1979) Slaves in Red Coats: The British West India Regiments 1795-1815 Yale University Press

Robert N. Murray (1994) Lest We Forget: Experiences of World War II Westindian Ex-Service Personnel Hansib Books

Sam King (1998) Climbing UpThe Rough Side of The Mountain Upfront Publishing